The Language League

For the lovers of language

Welcome, Language Lovers!

Before we get settled in, I’ll just start off with a few housekeeping things.  Firstly, the main website we will be using is Duolingo, which you can find here: Duolingo can also be downloaded on Android and iPhone for free!

Other than that, Memrise is another great tool which we will be utilising.  You can find that here:

Secondly, we are looking for moderators to help out with this blog by posting relevant language materials or just to keep everyone updated on what’s happening.  If you are interested, send us an ask and let us know!

Finally, and this is something which I will be asking frequently - if there are any followers who are happy to be listed as guides or assistants with learning a specific language, I would love to add your name to a list.  This way, if any followers are struggling with a particular language, they have an actual person they can turn to.

~ Steph